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Corporate Culture

  • Freedom & Responsibility Value. 1

    Freedom & Responsibility


    With freedom comes responsiblity
  • Teamwork & Communication Value. 2

    Teamwork & Communication


    Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication
  • Horizontal Organization Value. 3

    Horizontal Organization


    Empowerment through equality

Recruitment Procedure

01. Submit Application
02. Application Review
03. Interview
04. Letter of Acceptance
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Throughout the match, Gulak often outmanoeuvred Bryan and worked over his neck. The two begun with a long mat wrestling sequence, where Gulak got the better of Bryan at every turn. The story of the match was that Gulak was one step ahead of Bryan the whole time. Daniel Bryan was selfless, giving all the shine to Gulak until the end.

But the match was also awkward and clunky at many points.  As noted, some fantastic spots here. Heavy Machinery would probably be a bigger tag team match for WrestleMania than whatever WWE ends up doing. Questionable creative decision to have Heavy Machinery out so early, especially since Roode and Ziggler vs.

He almost killed himself -- literally, almost killed himself with a brutal german suplex -- to make Gulak look like a star. In the end, though, it was Bryan who would win via Yes Lock. — TDE Wrestling (@tde_wrestling) March 8, 2020 Drew Gulak passes out to Daniel Bryan's Yes Lock
Daniel Bryan is an absolute saint. He's talked before about wanting to spotlight younger, as-yet acclaimed talent and it's clear that was his goal here.

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Street Profits retain Raw Tag Team Championships
Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford became the second tag team to retain their championships tonight. They beat Murphy and Seth Rollins after a distraction from Kevin Owens.

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Carrillo has been a little in the weeds, with a patchy win/loss record, and probably needed to win this match. That's if WWE is interested in building him up as a big star. Andrade retains his US Championship
After a well-wrestled match, Andrade pinned Humberto Carrillo with a tight-holding roll-up. If the plan is for the shine to go Andrade, https://pornoslit.net/ then this match was what it should have been. It's possible that WWE is keeping his US Championship win to WrestleMania, which may work.

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